Plant. Pick. Puree. Package.

We plant non-GMO vegetables, pick them at the peak of freshness and cook our purees for less than three minutes, before packaging them in BPA-free pouches, to ensure top quality vegetable purees for our customers. See our story below.

Creating Shelf Stability.

When changing Hooray Puree from a frozen product to a healthy non-refrigerated food, we researched.The easiest means of getting this done was with a long-standing method whereby the vegetables are cooked for up to 90 minutes, losing much of their natural color, flavor and nutrition. We were committed to having single ingredient, high quality vegetables without adding preservatives or nutritional fortification. After years of research, much input from well-respected food scientists, and numerous trials nationwide, we committed to what we believe to be the best pureeing and packaging process available.

Wrapped + Ready.

Once we decided on our superior process, we needed to convince a packaging plant to take us on as a customer. Being small, this was nearly impossible. We conducted our own research and hired experts in the field to identify possible options. After several successful trials with various packaging companies, we ultimately decided to partner with a farmer-owned vegetable plant because we loved the idea of farm-to-table.

We invested in special machinery which allows us to package in pouches, instead of bulky containers, and in people to ensure top quality, safe vegetables. In addition to significantly reducing our carbon footprint by not having to ship vegetables cross-country to be stored, thawed and then packaged, we are now also able to plant both organic and conventional non-GMO vegetables and exponentially reduce the time between picking and packaging.


We pick our vegetables at the peak of ripeness, puree them and package them without adding preservatives, dyes or even ascorbic acid, and then we package them in clear BPA-free pouches so that our consumers can see their natural colors and texture.

We provide a large range of packaging options for both retail and food service consumers, as well as other food companies. We proudly serve our purees in homes, schools, healthcare and senior care facilities, restaurants, and to the troops that protect our country.

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